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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red - Seen

A 'completely unique concept'. Reading this in the record label press release excited me, I began to wonder what my ears were in for. Perhaps this chap 'Red' had invented a totally new frequency that would change my behaviour in ways I could only previously imagine. Or maybe he was reared by cats and they had taught him a brand new way of making music using the small bells that they wear around their necks.

I was therefore slightly disappointed when I learned that the track in question had been made 'All from scratch' (as in scratching). Don’t get me wrong, the track itself is a good example of turntablism and the beat is there and.. all that. It’s just not the most exciting cheese on the board (think edam or perhaps a mild cheddar). And to cap it off, at the end of the CD there is a full band version. I thought it was impressive because it was all scratched Mr. Red? Perhaps you should get that red patch seen to and stop scratching it.

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