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Monday, October 18, 2010

Album : Fantasia - Back To Me

Artist    : Fantasia

Genre   : Pop

When Fantasia won American Idol, I was sure she would follow the likes of Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks, that is into oblivion. Do you even remember them?

Fantasia - Back To MeFantasia proved me wrong when her debut album earned her four Grammy nominations. Her self-titled second release in 2006, with the number one single When I See U, received three Grammy nominations and was a favourite on the charts.

But it's Fantasia's third studio album, Back To Me that has critics sitting up and taking notice, especially after a quiet four years.

Back To Me explains the entire album. Here Fantasia shows us she still has that big, raspy voice that AI judges and millions of her fans have come to love.

The album's first single, Bittersweet, showcases Fantasia's vocal range and control and is just one of those songs you would listen with the volume turned up real high.
Fantasia - Back To Me
I wasn't thrilled with the number when she sang it live at this year's American Idol but after taking another listen on this album, it's one of the songs I've been replaying.

A couple of other favourite include the first track, I'm Doin' Me and the finger-snapping Who's Been Lovin' You.

Back To Me is part R&B, part Soul, part Ballad and part Gospel, in other words, it's a whole lot of great music from a woman who has been under estimated as a singer.

This record proves that Fantasia is a force to be reckoned with and it wouldn't surprise me if she were to take home a few Grammys next year.

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